MO' Testimonials

We do this because we care for you and your family which are our top priority. Your opinions and satisfaction are very important to us, therefore it's all about helping you and yours. We love to hear from our clients & their families about how we've helped them. Below are a few of the testimonials we've received from our clients!


"I want to thank you and your excellent staff for the custom made hair piece you made for me. I only wear it on special occasions. It's my "special hair," I love the color, texture, the style and fit. I'm very pleased with it, when I get a chance I'm going to make a donation to help other women with the same gift you gave me. People under estimate how important hair is to a women's identity, pride, confidence and self-esteem. I feel all that and more when I wear my "special hair." People give me compliments! They say, "Your hair looks so nice, I say to myself," I wonder if they really know? But I do know they can't tell and neither will I! Again, thank you so much! "

Andrea MHF Client

Tatiyana: A Mother's Testimony

"Let me start off by saying meeting Monique through Juliette of Jules Studio's was the best gift God could have given us. My daughter had an accident back in 2007 and it has left her with Extreme Alopecia. As result, we had to purchase custom fitted handmade wigs. It has been costly and in many cases not a pleasant experience for her. The whole experience with Monique from beginning to end was amazingly smooth and quick. We met with Monique ( I absolutely loved her after the first meeting) then we scheduled an appointment to make the mold for the wig. Her piece was on her head about a month later! Normally, she would switch out from her old wig to her natural hair every couple of days but since she has had this new one she does not want to take it off! It looks just like her real hair! Before, not one day would go by without us telling her how beautiful she is to reinforce her positive attitude, but now she wakes up telling us how beautiful she is!

I can honestly say her new lace front wig has her inner light shining through with such a wonderful glow. We had a huge family event a couple of weeks ago and some family members that we have not seen in a while talked about how long & nice her hair has grown back, and to watch her smile and say,"Thank you!" with no hesitation before she responded was amazing!! I really wish we could have come across Monique's path sooner because not only would we have saved lots of money but also my daughter would have been happier sooner! have given Monique's phone number to everyone I have come in contact with at my hair salon with balding issues, to keep this wonderful charity a secret would be shameful! I attached some photos we took at the family event as proof how spectacular she looks! On behalf of my daughter, my husband, and myself we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our baby waking up happy everyday!"

Tatiyana MHF Client


"At the age of eight years old, I was diagnosed with Alopecia. Ever since I was diagnosed and started to lose all my hair, I lost confidence and self-esteem. After a couple of years without a solution for my hair loss, I just lost hope. Being young and not having hair is the worst thing that could happen in a girl's life. I never got to do certain things because of me knowing that I have a wig on and not ever being able to wear a ponytail was extremely hard for me.

When I met Mrs. Monique my life changed and I became happy again and my confidence and self- esteem came back. After ten years, of not being able to go on roller-coasters or go swimming because of the constant worry that my wig would come off all changed after I met Mrs. Monique. Thanks to Mrs. Monique and Mo'Hair Foundation for giving me my life back after 10 difficult years. "

Travia MHF Client